Word from Head of Department




The Foundation Department was established when the college opened in 2001/2002.  At its inception, the department offered English language courses with the direction and supervision of its then academic partner, Melbourne University Private, in Australia.  The department continues to strive for excellence in English language instruction through its close partnership with Bond University, Australia. The Foundation Department is the cornerstone of Sur University College’s entire academic program as it prepares students for a successful tertiary education taught entirely in the English medium.

The Foundation Department is distinguishable from the other departments in that it does not offer any diploma or degree courses.  Its primary purpose is to provide incoming students with the fundamentals of the English language in preparation for their diploma or degree courses.  These fundamentals are taught in English Preparation Course - I (EPC - I) and English Preparation Course - II (EPC - II).

The Foundation’s strategy was developed in such a way that all incoming students are given a substantial boost through intensive (i.e. 20 hours per week) English courses for their first two semesters. Having successfully completed EPC - I and EPC - II, students continue to receive instruction and support in English throughout their studies at SUC.

Alongside the English Preparation Courses - I & II, instruction is also imparted in two other fundamental subjects, namely, mathematics, through Basic Mathematics in the first semester and either Applied Mathematics (for Business students) or Pure Mathematics (for I.S.T or Engineering students) and Computer Information Management – I & II. The Mathematics program ensures that students are equipped with the mathematical understanding and skills necessary to meet the cognitive and practical requirements of post-secondary or higher education studies in a variety of disciplines.  In the Computer Information Management program the students are equipped with the computing and IT understanding and skills necessary to source, process and communicate information related to their post-secondary or higher education in a variety of disciplines.

Following the completion of the Foundation Program, students are required to complete an additional four English courses alongside their diploma or degree programs.  These English courses include: Technical Writing, Communication English, Communication Skills, and either English for Academic Purpose - I.T., or English for Academic Purpose – Business.

A working knowledge of the English language is crucial in today’s job market and the Foundation Department’s objective is to provide the students at SUC with all the tools necessary for success in their chosen careers. 


Head of General Foundation Program Department

 Dr. Arturo G. Palaming