• The College Regulations, the Ordinances for Admission, Enrollment, Termination, Suspension and Withdrawal, Deferment, Absence, Causes Adversely Affecting the Performance in Assessment, Use of Unauthorized means in Assessment, Conduct of Formally Invigilated Examinations and Student Disciplinary Rules and Procedures shall apply to students enrolled in the Foundation Program unless the context otherwise requires.
  • The Foundation Program conducted in the College is the same program of the General Foundation Program suggested by Oman Accreditation Counsel for Oman Academic Standard.
  •  The objective of the Foundation Program is to prepare students for entry to the first year of the undergraduate degree program of study delivered by Sur University College in the medium of the English Language.
  • Use of the term "IELTS score" is indicative only of an approximate level in English proficiency.  It is stressed that the only official IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score is one that a candidate achieves under formal IELTS test conditions.
  •  In order for prospective students to enroll in the undergraduate degree program of study leading to the award of Bachelor’s, they must achieve a minimum score of 4.0 in IELTS or other equivalent test and satisfy other requirements pertaining to a program of study leading to the award of Bachelor’s.