Chairman's Statement 

I recognize the rapid growth and development of economical, social, information technology, and other areas in the Al-Sharqiyyah region, Oman and all over the world. So, it is my duty to participate and share in the development of our country by establishing Sur University College (SUC). SUC will be one of the key and most distinguished higher learning institutions in the Al-Sharqiyyah region, as an individual entity, and in Oman as a whole. This will help in achieving the vision of development for the Omani economy and their people.

The SUC intends to provide individuals for the technical and business labour markets in Al-Sharqiyyah, the Sultanate and the Gulf states with the necessary, highly qualified graduate students. Its Mission is to continue providing its students with the necessary knowledge and high quality skills. The qualified graduate students will have the confidence and ability to participate in consultation and research activities. SUC will provide quality graduates that will in turn serve the community by helping solve the problems that are facing the markets of Business, Information Technology, and Engineering.

Currently, SUC concentrates on providing our graduates with excellent cognitive knowledge, high quality applications and communication skills in Information Systems, Information Technology, Management and Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Banking Sciences, Architectural, and Mechanical Engineering. Upon transferring to its permanent location in 2011, SUC will apply to launch its first two postgraduate degrees in the disciplines of MBA and IT. We have started our strategic plan to change the status of SUC to Sur University (SU). After completion of the buildings and facilities in the new campus, on an area of 56,000 meters square, it will have three Colleges: Business Administration, Information Technology, and Engineering.

We will put all our efforts into supporting students and staff in having an excellent experience in learning, teaching, providing community services and the preparation of high quality graduates. Being a full time student or part time (in evening classes) student, I believe SUC will prepare them for the future.


Sheikh Mubarak Juma Bahwan