College Academic Board

The College Academic Board (CAB) is established as the highest management body that provides necessary guidance on the day – to – day operations of the college. The College Academic Board is the advisory body on the academic affairs of the College to the Board of Trustees (BoT) and Board of Directors (BoD). The CAB is chaired by the Dean.

Members of CAB

    • The Dean
    • Assisstant Dean for Academic & Research Affairs
    • Assisstant Dean for Students Affairs
    • Head of PG Studies
    • Head of Business Administration Department
    • Head of Information Systems and Technology Department
    • Head of Engineering Department
    • Head of GFP
    • Head of GRU
    • Rep. of Business Administration Department
    • Rep. of Information Systems and Technology Department
    • Rep. of GFP
    • Director of Quality Assurance Unit

Based on the requirements ad issue discussions, any other staff members shall be invited for a particular meeting. Student representatives may also be called for the meetings whenever there are discussions on student related issues.

The quorum of meetings shall be eight members including the Chairperson or the vice chair. The decision of the College Academic Board shall be taken by majority of votes of members present at meetings.