Graduate Attributes

Sur University College graduate students could be able to:

Intellectual Skills:

  • Understand, analyze and solve the issues through the acquired knowledge.

  • Design and implement new projects/programs/ventures appropriate to the requirements..

  • Recognize the optimal problem solving technique to the given situation.

  • Exercise critical thinking, evaluation and to involve in cutting edge research works to identify solutions to the given problems.

  • Apply professional ability to undertake and lead a given assignment/task/work with the highest level of integrity to achieve results.

  • Disseminate the acquired domain skills for greater good of working organization and country.


Interpersonal Skills:

  • Use effective communication tools to communicate and disseminate organizational knowledge.

  • Maintain sophisticated, cultured, honest and ethical conduct .

  • Respect the social and ethnic diversity and adapt to the culture.

  • Preserve highest degree of social interaction and manage work environments.

  • Collaborate and work effectively in diverse team to complete the tasks.



Global Perception:

  • Integrate with multi-cultural environments and demonstrate highest ability to succeed in complex national to international environments.

  • Perform their duties at highest level of ability and integrity, for the nation, community and society.

  • Practice independent and collaborative continuous learning and adopt in simple to complex work environments