Date & Time Title of the Seminars/ Workshops Venue Name of Presenter
8.11.2018 12 to 1 PM Factors influencing consumers’ confidence to adopt e-commerce in Oman IST Theatre

Dr. Yi Yi Thaw

15.11.2018 12 to 1 PM Knowledge Sharing from ICT Perspective I 49 CR

Dr. Sharaf

22.11.2018 12 to 1 PM Multiclass association classification for structure and unstructured data I 49 CR

Dr. Hayel

13.12.2018 12 to 1 pm Inter-Cluster interference-aware real-time flow scheduling in cluster-based wireless sensor networks I 49 CR

Dr. Gohar Ali

20.12.2018  12 to 1 pm Spectral material mapping using hyperspectral imagery using spectral matching and library search I 49 CR

Dr. Brem

07.02.2019 12 to 1 pm Introduction to R- A Programming Environment for Data Analysis and Graphics I51 CL5

Dr. Brem

07.03.2019 12 to 1 pm An Overview of Vehicle Tracking System   I 49 CR

Dr. K. Appathurai

11.04.2019 12 to 1 pm Research Challenges of IoT I 49 CR   Dr. M. Sadish