Research At SUC

Research @ SUC is poised to reach the greater heights and milestones, by setting a new trend on cutting edge research works. SUC encourages, motivates, and nurtures the research culture among the faculty members in order to achieve synergetic effect of research in inculcating highest quality of knowledge and learning to the students, contribution to the community, industry and to the growth and development of the country. SUC launched a concrete and ambitious plan to take research into greater heights and set trend for other higher education institutions in the country.

As classified under “University College” category, SUC endeavors to support and promote state-of-the-art research with an aim to create new knowledge, theories and practices. Apart from that, SUC encourages the faculties to dedicate appropriate time and resources to generate new ideas, concepts and preferably, novel methodologies in key research areas as identified by the Research Council of Sur University College (RCoSUC), in collaboration with its stakeholders. Currently research groups are formed at each department based on the faculties’ specialization and expertise and expected to identify and work on research areas that shall benefit both national and international communities.

SUC’s plans reaped tremendous results as the faculty members contributed good number of high quality research papers during the past years in leading indexed/referred/peer reviewed international/national scientific academic journals and international/national conferences with in Oman and across the world. The works and publications of the faculty members have been highly regarded across the academic circles and used to figure out in the top download lists.

SUC had attained the research milestones through the preparation and implementation of meticulous research policies and strategies. Numerous incentives and funds have been created to motivate, support and amply reward the research works and publications of the faculty members. SUC Research Bulletin (half-yearly) has been created in March 2010 order to document, publicize and communicate the research works and publications of the SUC faculty members to the outside world. The bulletin could be considered as unique among the higher education institutions in Sultanate of Oman. The faculty members are highly encouraged to involve actively in cutting edge research works, publications and consulting projects.

The above research papers have contributed highly to the existing literature and provided cutting edge research cues that have created an enormous impact on the fields of Internet Marketing, Technology products, ICT, Consumer Behavior, Linguistics etc.

SUC encourages and recruits teaching and research assistants to support the cutting edge research works of SUC faculty members. SUC encourages the faculty members to involve in funded research projects and SUC is poised to become a member of TRC (The Research Council). SUC instilled a ‘Research Mentoring System’ in which the senior faculty members encourage and mentor the junior faculty members to involve in collaborative research works.