English Club

Sur University College students have started an English Club. A core group of one dozen students started the club with the goals of publishing a students’ newspaper and organizing tutoring. Hopefully, two editions of this newspaper can be completed before the end of the school year. The tutoring is being organized by students who aspire to become teachers. They want to help first year students to improve their English and teach them good study skills. There is also conversation practice in the art room on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Computer Club

The computer club is organized by the department of Information system and technology and it has different groups such as Computer Security, Internet Applications, Multimedia, Media and Hardware. Each group selects the topic and work on the topic under the supervision of the supervisor. The students organize the work shop and seminars with the help of media group.

The club takes the students for one academic year and the certificate will be issued to the participants and excellence certificate for the group. The SUCCC also organizes events in the culture week like the plays on the computer and quiz for the college students.

Business Club

The Department of Business Administration had felt the need to institute a Business Club, to facilitate the involvement of students from the department in widening their perspective and to update their business related knowledge.

The Mission of the Business Club - Through participation in the Business Club’s activities, students would be provided opportunities to develop their managerial and leadership skills and to relate their classroom learning to national and global business issues.

The proposed activities of the club include:

  • Presentations by the faculty as well as students.
  • Quizzes on general topics.
  • Management games.
  • Field visits.
  • Career guidance.
  • Student Research projects – mini projects.
  • Any other specific activity.