Vision Statement

The General Foundation Program (GFP) at Sur University College aims to prepare incoming students for their undergraduate education by enhancing their English, math and computer skills, whilst at the same time teaching them the tools necessary for developing productive and efficient academic skills and study habits. In this way, the department supports the college’s vision of providing socioeconomic transformation through quality education and research in preparing students for the future.


Mission Statement

The GFP strives to maintain high standards of teaching, support services and professional development in order to achieve the standards of the Omani Academic Accreditation Authority and Sur University College and produce competent and responsible students who pursue their education with ambition and purpose.



  • To prepare students for their postsecondary and higher education studies.
  • To give students the necessary tools for successfully confronting a wide range of academic subjects and programs: namely, English Language, Mathematics, Computing, General Study Skills.
  • To instill in students the importance of personal responsibility and independent study.
  • To give students all the necessary support throughout their year(s) in the GFP.
  • To inspire all incoming students to work together to achieve a superior academic culture infused with integrity, ambition, and sincerity.
  • To provide support for instructors and create an environment conducive to professional development.


Core Values

The GFP shares the values of Sur University College and reflects them in its approach to education, development and professionalism.