Dr. Arturo G. Palaming



Qualification: Ph.D. , M.A (Teaching English as Foreign Language ), M.A (Social Science Teaching), B.Se (Social Science)


Teaching Interests: English, Social Science and Humanities, Biology and Education.


Research Interests: Teaching Strategies, Education, Group Dynamics, Human Behavior, Science and Technology, Management and Leadership .


Recent Publications :

1. Palaming, A. G., (2017). Theoretical and Conceptual Framework in Teaching Listening Skills: A Case Study. Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies. ISSN: 2321-8819 (Online), 2348-7186 (Print). Impact Factor: 1.498 Vol. 5, Issue 2.

2. Palaming, A. G.,(2017). Career, Time and Stress Management: A Leader’s Perspective. EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR). ISSN: (Online) 2455-3662. SJIF Impact Factor: 3.967. Volume: 3, Issue: 2.

3. Palaming, A. G.,(2017). The Cognition Level of Students in Writing Notes, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing: An Initial Step to Solve the Problem of Plagiarism. American International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Social Studies. ISSN (Print): 2328-3734, (Online): 2328-3696. Impact Factor Count Value: 5.80. Volume 1, pp. 37-40, Issue 18.

4. Palaming, A. G.,(2017). Determinants in Choosing Effective Approaches in Teaching Homogeneous Group of Students. EPRA International Journal of Research and Development (IJRD). ISSN: (Online) 2455-7838. SJIF Impact Factor: 4.144. Volume: 2, Issue 5.

5. Palaming, A. G.(2017). Mind Mapping: An In-Depth Conceptual Image in an English Language Classroom. International Journal of Research (IJR). ISSN: 2348-6848. Impact Factor: 5.60. Index Copernicus Value (ICV) 100.6. Volume 4, Issue 5.


Contact Details

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Block: GRU English Department