Word from Head Of Department




The Department of Information systems & Technology (IST) was founded on 2001/2002 as a second Department at the College. It offers two programs such as  Information Systems and Information Technology. Graduating from the IST Department of Sur University College is a good starting point to a successful career. The versatile structure of the degree and the possibility of choice in both the main subjects and the minor subjects enable our students to get jobs in various positions in the fields of information systems and technology as well as in other related areas. The IST department offers diploma degree after successfully completion of 60 credit hours and a Bachelor degree after the completion of 120 credit hours in Information Systems and Information Technology with GPA (Grade point average) not less than 2.00 out 4 scales.

The department shows great interest in its students and they are received with respect and acceptance. Students are taken seriously and looked upon as being important partners for developing the quality of both teaching methods and study environment. IST Department creates the better opportunities of doing research works and projects in real-life environment. So, the students can perform well in their future.

Students at Sur University College are being taught and given the knowledge, and skills for both theoretical as well as practical to help them in their future career opportunities such as programming, system development, database and knowledge administrators, website development, computer labs supervision, program designing and teaching to be ready to find a career and secure an employment at the sultanate.

 Head of the IST Department