Facilities at Information Systems & Technology Department

“The IST is housed in one building with 3 floors and two wings on each floor.  In this building, all the facilities necessary for the instructors and the students are provided efficiently. TV install in the reception area to make important announcements to the students. In order to provide the best possible environment for the students to learn in, the department houses a Lecture Hall (Theater), 8 classrooms, 18 staff rooms, 5 computer labs, 4 discussion rooms, and activity rooms, and changing rooms are also available for the students and staff. All labs and class rooms equipped with Internet facilities. Department has three Wi-Fi access points. Surveillance cameras were monitored every day activities in the department. The classrooms can seat 35 students. All class rooms with Projectors. Instructors can teach using LCD Projector facilities and internet connections for real-time demonstrations.”