Vision Statement

Information Systems and Technology Department aims to provide high quality education through proactive, committed and dedicated environment to meet the SUC’s aspirations of one of the distinguished private universities.

Mission Statement

 The Information Systems and Technology Department make efforts to ensure excellent and high quality teaching with academic and professional supports in information technology and systems and mould the students’ competencies and be the contributors of overall developments of the nation.



The Information Systems and Technology Department will enable the students to gain knowledge and skills to:

  • Understand the theory and practice of Information Systems and Technology in general.
  • Understand the requirements and the approach to the users support.
  • Apply structures and algorithms in developing programs.
  • Build confidence in formal presentation techniques and developmental programs.
  • Apply knowledge and skills of analytical and problem solving
  • Develop web – based application systems.
  • Recognize the importance and roles of information systems and technology in the society.
  • Understand the best practices and standards and their applications in information systems and technology.
  • Understand software development life cycle.
  • Use Systems concepts for understanding and framing problems.
  • Adopt proper infrastructures and emerging technological models.
  • Apply programming concepts in different systems development.
  • Apply knowledge in project management.
  • Cooperate and collaborate with various people in team.
  • Conduct research in information systems and technology areas.


Core Values

We believe in excellence, academic discipline, continuous improvement, ethics, teamwork, professionalism, integrity, openness, transparency, creativity, innovation, and social responsibility.

Academic Offerings

The department of Information Systems and Technology offers two majors:

  • Bachelor in Information Systems / Diploma in Information Systems
  • Bachelor in  Information Technology / Diploma in Information Technology