Student Life

The Assistant Dean for student Affairs is responsible for helping students by providing them with comprehensive services including accommodation, transport and health care. The Assistant also involves students in extracurricular activities to develop their personalities and skills. The Assistant Dean for student Affairs manages the following sections:

  • Student Activities

The Student Activities section plays an important role in developing and providing activity programs which develop students’ skills and promote their participation in serving the community. Through extracurricular activities, students are encouraged to discover and develop their own skills and abilities. The Student Advisory Council and other student groups are also channels for student participation in decision making. The range of supported student activities includes cultural activities such as seminars, theatrical activities, cultural competitions and athletic activities such as training and sport competitions.

SUC has established its own hostel for girls in the year 2007. The SUC has 2 hostel buildings with 89 rooms for building (1) and (37) rooms for building (2). It has a separate kitchens where students can cook their food of their own. The hostel is constructed in accordance with the cultural norms of Omani society.   The hostel contains a reading room, TV room, play yard, and a guest room as additional support.  Each room consists of 3 to 4 students. The hostel has one manager and 4 Omani assistants.   Adequate medical care, first aid, safety equipment have been provided.  As safety measures fire extinguishers have been kept ready.  3 security guards have been appointed for ensuring safety for 24 hours.  Students Affairs department takes care of all the requirements of the hostel.  

  • Female Student Transport

The University provides a number of transport services for students studying at the campus. Transport facility is available to take the students from college to hospital or to any other activities taking place in and around Oman. Free transport facility is provided to the students weekly once to go to market and make their purchases. Each student will be provided with the rules and regulations to be followed in the hostel at the time of joining.

  • Student Health Services

The University has an on-campus clinic to provide emergency and outpatient care .In addition, the Sur community is well-serviced by general medical and hospital facilities, and by first class specialist medical facilities. The University will organize and assist with visits to these facilities if required by any student. 

  • Academic and Psychological Counselling

The University provides academic and personal counselling and advice through development, precaution and treatment programs so that students may maintain maximum academic progress and gain full benefit from the learning environment of the University. Students may also obtain advice and information about the University’s academic regulations and their application from the Student Administration Section.

  • Training & Alumni Affairs

The Training & Alumni Affairs Office aims to provide an interface between Sur University students and the best avenues to utilize their skills by helping them find gainful employment and training places. In addition, it follows up graduates and records their post-graduation activities such as their current employment status, current educational status, the types of colleges they are attending, and their occupational goals. Moreover, the section aims to raise students’ awareness of the knowledge, skills, information, and attitudes needed to positively improve their own life career development.