Student Affairs

Students Affairs Department is mainly concerned with students’ issues. It is a vocal point between the academic departments and the college deanship. SUC is interested in developing the student activity as one of its basic curriculum components to achieve educational goals of developing the students’ personality, making decisions, encouraging innovation and sense of responsibility towards themselves and society. The Department supervises the following Student's Activities :

  • Cultural activity : organizes cultural weeks, seminars, lectures and different evening sessions.
  • Sport activity : activates games, sports and sport competitions in the college and participates in the activities and events that are organized by sport institutions and bodies in the Sultanate.
  • Social activity: promotes and enhances human and social relationships between students and the outside community through organizing field such as visits to chidren with special needs centers and orphanages.
  • Art activity: activates and enhances the role of the theater and music. It also organizes handicrafts and plastic exhibitions for calligraphy, sculptures and drawings.
  • Media activity: covers all activities, events and visits held inside or outside the college campus.
  • Peer review: educates and spreads health and cultural awareness among the college students, schools and young people assemblies. The aim of peer review is to build a society free of sexually communicable disease, fight drugs and smoking, increase students’ awareness about traffic and road accidents and motivate young people to think positively and dismiss negative thinking.

Vision Statement

To provide Sur University College students with the best opportunities and services to help them in developing their career plans and enhancing their leadership potential.


Mission Statement

The Student Affairs Department, in collaboration with faculty and staff, help students to create supportive and challenging environments that maximize opportunities for student learning and success through programs and services—designed to prepare students to be successful in the national community.