Campus Life


Sur University College is located in the scenic and idyllic coastal city of Sur in Al Sharqiyah Region, Sultanate of Oman. The city and nearby regions are a popular destination for local and international tourists due to its beautiful white-sand and pebbly beaches; adventure-filled desert sand dunes; and breathtaking archaeological sites. The College is located in Bilad Sur, around 93 miles (180 kilometers) from Muscat, the capital city. Reaching here via the coastal highway is just a 2-hours’ drive from Muscat International Airport. The new express highway via Bid Bid takes 3-hours however it runs through various tunnels and scenic landscape. Sur University College, therefore, provides an ideal balance between nature and academia for a pleasurable campus life experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Click Here

About Sur City:

Located on the coast of the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman, Sur City has beautiful beaches and resorts. Ras Al Hadd and Ras Al Jinz beaches are to name a few. Ras Al Hadd is the place where sun rises for the Gulf region and is famous for its golden glowing sun rise. Ras Al Jinz is famous for its turtle beach. Sur has many forts such as Al Ayjah Fort, Sunasilah etc. Sur is also famous for its Dhow Yard and the Corniche. Sur has various malls including CarreFour and LuLu Hypermarkets. City Cinema hall casts various Arabic, English and other international language movies. The desert of Wahiba Sands is located nearly 50 KMs south of Sur which is famous its desert night camps. Wadi Bani Khalid is famous for its water springs.

About Sur University College Campus:

SUC is located about 10 KM away from the main city. Female students are provided with on-campus hostel facility. Male students stay in the houses near the college. SUC has a mosque for males and separate prayer room for females. SUC has a clinic equipped with basic medical services. Dedicated nursing staff guides the students to nearest hospital as and when required. A cafeteria is available inside the campus. Various hotels and restaurants provide on call food delivery.


During the winter season (October to February) Sur experiences moderately cool and pleasant climate. It will be dry and hot during the summer season (April to September). The occasional rainfalls make the climate mild and pleasant.

Dress Code:

Sultanate of Oman, a country that respects the tradition and values has dress code of Islamic nature. Hence, it is expected that decent dresses shall be worn. Short skirts or pants, sweatshirts, tight tops and translucent dresses should be strictly avoided.


SUC provides shared accommodation with a nominal rent inside the campus itself. Male students will be guided to get a rental house near the SUC campus. Initially, the students will be provided with free accommodation for 1 week at the time of admission until the students find a comfortable and suitable accommodation .