Dr.  M.K.G Rajev



Qualification: Ph. D. ,M.Com., M.Phil. (Commerce)., M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil. (Information Science), P.G.D.C.A., H.D.H.T.

Teaching Interests: Management and Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Consumer Behavior, Electronic Commerce, Strategic Management, Information Science, Research Methods.


Research Interests: Business Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, Information processing and Retrieval, E-learning, Digital Libraries and Electronic Resources, Knowledge Management, Consumer Behavior, Business Management, Marketing Management, Information Processing and Retrieval, E-Learning, Digital Libraries and Electronic Resources, Knowledge Management. 


Recent Publications:  

1. MKG Rajev and Saju(2016), “ A Bibliometric Analysis on Malaysian Journal of Library and Information Science “ , International Research Journal of Library and Information Science– ISSN: 2249-0213 Vol 6. No.1, 2016 (Peer- Reviewed Refereed Journal)

 2.  MKG Rajev (2014), “Evolution of Preservation of resources in Digital Environment – An outlook”, (Eds.) Dr. Deshmukh, S.J, editors: Gante P.B et. al., Contemporary Issues in Library & Information Science.

 3. Sriram B and MKG Rajev ((2014), “ Impact of Academic library services on user satisfaction: A Case Study of Sur University College, Sultanate of Oman “,DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, Print ISSN : 0974-0643, Vol. 34 No. 2, pp.140-146 (Peer- Reviewed Refereed Journal) (Scopus Indexed)

4.  MKG Rajev (2013), "Implication of E-learning in Digital Libraries: A Pragmatic Approach, International Conference on Knowledge Management and Organization in the Digital Era (ICKMODE- 2013)", SIT, Tumkur, Karnataka, India, January 17-19, 2013.

5. Dr. Sakkthivel, MKG Rajev( 2012), “Empirical Investigation on Consumer Purchase Intentions in a Growing Competitive Marketing Environment”, International Journal of Electronic Finance, (ISSN: 1746-0079 Print; ISSN: 1746-0077 Online) Vol.6, Nos.3/4, pp. 285-297 (Inderscience Journal).



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