Admission and Registration Department

Admission and Registration Department is one of the most prominent departments. It is concerned with student affairs and administrates the academic policy in the college. The relationship between students and Admission and Registration Department lasts even after graduation. The department admits students according to college instructions and regulations. It is interrelated with other departments in the college and it is responsible for carrying out decisions, instructions and regulations of admission, registration and graduation.

Admitted students can contact the Higher Education Admission Centre in Ministry of Higher Education to submit their documents. The center is responsible for declaring the lists of students who are accepted in scholarships and those who study at their own expense. Students can personally check with Admission and Registration Department for registering.


Vision Statement

Ensure effective admission and registration processes to maintain ideal educational environment.


Mission Statement

We strive to maintain supportive educational environment through excellent admission and registration systems.

The Department of Admission & Registration of Sur University College endeavors to:

  • Improve admission and registration processes to maintain meritorious educational atmosphere.
  • Facilitate rigorous admission and registration processes to sustain quality the educational environment.
  • Enrich admission and registration processes through technological developments.