SUC : free online workshop titled “Company Database Applications”

As a part of Community services from Sur University College (SUC), Information Systems and Technology (IST) Department conducted a free online workshop titled “Company Database Applications” for the benefit of interested people from Sur region from 22nd February, 2021 to 24th February, 2021through Zoom platform for the benefits of all communities. The main goal is to provide awareness to the community of Sur with Information technology updates on office automation essentials and database technologies for office automation in order to help improve their skills in their job environments.

For this workshop, an invitation has been published in social media by the student affairs department. A registration form was created through Google Forms. They had provided with virtual real-time training on the software by the well-experienced faculty members of IST department. At the end of the three-day workshop, an electronic evaluation survey form was sent to the participants to give their feedback and evaluate the quality of workshop to ensure improved delivery in the terms of the quality of content, clarity of objectives, competence of speakers or trainers as well as training logistics. The certificates were issued to the participants.