Vision Statement

Engineering Department will support the vision of Sur University College to be one of the most distinguished private universities in Sultanate of Oman by offering internationally bench-marked Engineering curriculum. The department vision is to provide quality education through dedicated, committed and interactive learning environment in the fields of engineering and architecture. The Engineering Department through its quality education and research prepares students for future professional in the fields of architecture, design, mechanical and industry who will be instrumental in the socioeconomic transformation of Sultanate of Oman


Mission Statement

 The Engineering Department mission is to provide high quality generation of architects and mechanical engineers, through:

•Providing excellent and high quality education in the fields of engineering and architecture.

• Offering rigorous academic and extra mural activities in engineering and architecture.

•Creating supportive and self-motivated engineering education based on the liberal arts context and scientific knowledge for design and           manufacturing of devices and mechanical systems.

•Exploiting modern information and technological resources to mould student’s competencies in design, mechanical systems, and manufacturing.

•Motivating research activities in the fields of engineering technology, systems and architecture to contribute to the development of the community.

•Facilitating industry – academic relations to meet the manpower and technology requirements of the nation




The goal of the Engineering department is to educate students in engineering areas, service the community and conduct scientific research and consultancy.  It will participate with SUC to achieve its objectives.

To achieve the education objectives, the Engineering Department will enable the students to gain knowledge and skills to:

•Understand the theory and practice of engineering in general.

•Understand the best practices and standards and their applications in architectural or mechanical engineering. 

•Develop their critical thinking, capabilities, and problem solving skills

•Advance their career in architectural or mechanical engineering and related fields.

• Adopt proper infrastructures and emerging technological models.            

•Pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.

•Prepare themselves for successful careers and leadership in engineering industry. 

•Practice proficiency as team members and leaders in working environment.

•Acquire an appreciation of their responsibilities to society.

•Contribute to the welfare of the society and respond to its needs with consideration of ethical and environment issues.        

• Create potential and communication skills.

• Engage in advanced academic research careers.


Core Values


  • Strive for excellence
  • Provide High Quality
  •  Education
  • Be effective
  • Professionalism and integrity
  • Support all stakeholders
  • Confidence
  • Preparation for the future
  • Competency


Academic Offerings

The Engineering Department, currently, offers two Bachelors of Science degrees:

  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Bachelor in Architectural Engineering