Reach Suitable Job

Get the suitable Job:

When looking for the right job, consider the following factors:

1. That you are qualified for the job

2. That you will be happy to get that job

3. That job will give you a sense of being needed

4. That job will give you an opportunity for professional development

5. That job will give you financial stability


Before Job Hunting

1. Focus on your strengths and stay determined to achieve your targets

2. Follow the different job sources.

3. Have an idea about the company and their needs.

4. Prepare your resume and application letter

5. Prepare yourself for the  interview.

Sources of Job Prospects

1. Family, Friends, Relationships

2. College Career Office

3. Employment Agencies

4. Newspaper Announcements

5. Companies Websites

How to contact the Prospective Employer

1. Place a telephone call.

2. Follow the newspaper announcements.

3. Write a letter of application asking for a job.