Facilities at Information Systems & Technology Department

The Information Systems and Technology Department is a vibrant and dynamic community within the larger Sur University College community. IST has currently 15 Doctors with Ph.D. in Information Tech/Information Sys / Computer Science Qualifications and 6 Masters with M.S in Information Tech/Information Sys / Computer Science Qualifications. They are having sufficient teaching and industry experiences in the field of IT. Administrative personnel are working closely with the Head of Department to ensure the highest quality environment for the students, both academic and social. The academic faculty and staff come from many different countries, including Oman, India, Jordan, Egypt, USA, Tunisia, Syria, Pakistan, and Iraq. 

Currently, in the department around 650 students are studying their Diploma and Bachelor degrees. The Information Systems and Technology program provide the knowledge and skills in latest technological developments which can be implemented in organizations. The Information Systems and Technology program provides the skills of analyzing, designing, implementing and improving organizations by incorporating information technology.  

In order to provide the best possible environment for the students to learn in, the department houses 8 classrooms, 5 computer labs, 6 discussion rooms (Separate discussion room for Female students), 1 Lecture Theater, 13 staff rooms, a staff meeting room, a staff kitchen, pantry room, storage room, server room, and 3 changing rooms. The classrooms and computer labs have a maximum capacity of 30 students each while the Lecture Theater can seat up to 212. These facilities are spread out across 3 floors, with each floor consisting of a central landing with 2 wings. These department’s facilities are to engage each and every student academically and socially and to produce confident, knowledgeable, and responsible individuals.