Research Papers

SUC Research Bulletin is an unique and effective tool of communication documenting and show-casing the prowess of SUC faculty members in the areas of research, publications, consulting, training and community service. SUC Research Bulletin lives up to the expectations of its creation, and documented the mile stones achieved by SUC fraternity.

Date Bulletin File Date Bulletin File


Bulletin Vol.1 No.1 March-2013 Bulletin Vol.4 No.1
September-2010 Bulletin Vol.1 No.2 September-2013

Bulletin vol.4 No.2

March-2011 Bulletin Vol.2 No.1 March-2014

Bulletin vol.5 No.1

September-2011 Bulletin vol.2 No.2 September-2014

Bulletin vol.5 No.2

March-2012 Bulletin vol.3 No.1 March-2015

Bulletin vol.6 No.1

September-2012 Bulletin vol.3 No.2 September-2015

Bulletin vol.6 No.2