Vision Statement

 Sur University College aspires to be one of the most distinguished private universities in the Sultanate of Oman and beyond, committed to providing socio-economic transformation through quality education and research in preparing students for the future.

Mission Statement

Sur University College strives to sustain institutional effectiveness, excellence in teaching, student support services, and professional and research activities to meet nationals and community goals through developing talented students.  


  • 1. Maintain high standards to be one of the best higher education institutions of the Al-Shariqia Region and in the Sultanate of Oman in general.

  • 2. Contribute to the national priorities via commitment towards excellence and high quality education.

  • 3. Sustain development to meet the expectations of the community.

  • 4. Produce well-rounded students through individual attention.

  • 5. Provide rigorous academic and extra-mural activities.

  • 6. Enrich the environment for both education and professional development.

  • 7. Strengthen students’ competencies through academic and research activities.

  • 8. Nurture resourceful and talented students to support the community.

  • 9. Contribute to the interpersonal and intellectual skills of the students to meet international expectations.


Core Values

  • 1. Excellence: Ensure a meritorious academic atmosphere.

  • 2. High Quality: Provide an ideal educational environment.

  • 3. Effectiveness: Facilitate efficient education, research and community services.

  • 4. Professional: Produce talented and resourceful experts.

  • 5. Supportive: Maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.

  • 6. Confidence: Improve self sufficiency in task completion.

  • 7. Competency: Increase abilities to meet global requirements.

  • 8. Preparation for future: Develop successful citizens of the future.