SUC : Industrial collaboration of IST department

As part of the Industrial Collaboration the IST department has conducted the guest lecture, The presentation was done by :

Mr.Muhammad Fareed Ul Haq (Technical Arch. /Team Lead/Sr.Software Engineer) working in the Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman He talked about the process of software development in the ministry of health and the different types of jobs and its functions related to software development. He has given ample of information on the latest software in the market and informed the students to concentrate more on the projects during their study. He also gave the tips and advices for attending the interviews after graduation.

Mr.Abdulhakeem al Alawi (Information Security officer) working in Oman LNG, Sur, Sultanate of Oman)He talked about information security in the LNG and also given ample of information on how to protect the information on social media and emails. He gave the examples of incidents of security breach in some of the organizations.

Both the seminars were informative for both students and faculty. It further fortifies the relationship between academia and industrial solutions in the Information Systems and Technology related fields.