SUC : Faculties Presentation at International Conference in Muscat

Dr. Laila Samea, the LRC director and Mr. M.K.G Rajev, the LRC manager, participated at the 1st International Conference which was held in Muscat conducted by the Omani Library & Information Association from 26-28 Feb., 2019 under the theme “Information Profession and Community Responsibility”. During the conference, Dr. Laila & Mr. Rajev presented a paper entitled “Information Literacy Competencies on the Era of Big Data in the Academic Environment”.

The main goal of the paper is to highlight the role of information literacy in the higher education in the context of the increasing importance of big data and data science in the digital environment and to make awareness among community as well about the role of information literacy in preparing the human factor to deal with the knowledge for academic purposes. At the end, Dr. Laila & Mr. Rajev were honored with certificate of appreciation at the conference.