Qualification: Ph.D. (Finance and Risk Management )

Teaching Interests: Financial Accounting I, Financial Accounting II, Corporate Accounting, Business Finance, Accounting Information System, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, Taxation, Income Tax and Indirect Tax, Principles of Management & Banking.

Research Interests: Finance, Banking, Production and Marketing.


Recent Publications:  

1. “The Working of Poultry Industry with reference Salem Disrtrict of Tamilnadu, India”. Thesis published in Doctor of Philosophy.

2. “The Poultry Industries and its impact on price of eggs in Salem District”of Tamilnadu in India – Commerce Times, International Journal of Commerce . ISSN 2320 – 9461. Feb 2014. 

3. “Cost and Factor Analysis of to start a poultry farm” – E Reasearch Journal of Finance – ISSN343 -5657. April 2016 



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Block: Business Administration Department