The prospective students who have been admitted by the combined admission center have to provide the admission and registration department with the following documents:

  • Original High School Transcript
  • Copy of a valid passport or ID
  • Four Recent photographs
  • Filled-in Application form of Sur University College

On receiving the same, the admission and registration department creates a file for each student and give him / her College number.

The Registration Process

  • Students shall register to regular (day) or evening studies programs.
  • The prospective students who wish to join SUC shall contact the registration department during any working days.
  • The new student has to fill the application form and submit the same with the required documents for further processing.
  • For those students who are transferring from other colleges, the documents shall be sent to respective department for equalization of courses previously studied.
  • Based on the recommendations from the department equalization committees, the students will be placed. They can register to courses according to their respective advisor’s recommendations.
  • If the student is sponsored by any party, sponsorship letter should be submitted in original stating the program and mode of study.
  • SUC students shall register to their courses after consulting their respective academic advisors.
  • Students shall fill the registration form after consulting the advisor during the specified registration period during the semester and submit the same to the registration department.
  • The registration department shall computerize the data and shall provide a printed profile with the registered courses.
  • Students shall change any registered courses irrespective of the level of course by filling “Add and Drop” form after the approval of the academic advisor. This shall be allowed only during the beginning of the first two weeks of each semester.  
  • Student shall not register or attend any new course at any level of their choice without the prior approval of the academic advisor. In such cases, SUC reserves the full rights to accept or not to accept the attendance and / or any assessments undergone.
  • In case of any discrepancies, SUC Statutes, Ordinances, Policies, Rules and Regulations, Codes and By – Laws for academic program administration shall be referred for final decisions.