Faculties and students of Foundation Department of Sur Nursing Institute visited Learning Resources Centre of Sur University College


There was a visit from faculties and students from foundation department of Sur Nursing Institute to Sur University College Learning Resources Centre which was happened on Tuesday 24th April, as part of relationship between the two institutions to strengthen their cooperation opportunities and community engagement. There delegates comprises of were five faculty members with 32 foundation students which was headed by Dr. Aisha Sirajudheen the English Language Teacher.

The delegates was accorded warm welcome by Dr. Ali Aljarrah – Dean of Sur University College and the Foundation Program head Mrs. Stephanie Peter initiated the session by providing an overview about the foundation department courses run by the Sur University College. Then, the LRC Director and the LRC Manager have given a presentation on the library resources and services for foundation students which was followed by library tour. The delegates discussed with the Dean of Sur University College about the future mutual visits to share learning experiences and also the resources and services between the institutions. Finally, the Dean of Sur University College thanked the delegates for visiting SUC and the delegates thanked the Dean and members of Sur University College for providing the extreme support during the visit.