Engineering Club

In academic year 2013-2014, the Engineering department established a club for engineering students in order to educate the students and promote interest in different fields of engineering and help the students to find something that suits their interests and personalities. The club introduces the modern concepts and new technology in all fields of engineering through lectures, talks, seminars and projects.

The proposed activities of the club include:

  • Participation in national and international engineering events (Exhibitions, Conferences and workshops).
  • Participation in cultural week.
  • Management games.
  • Any social event.    
  • Any other specific activities.


     Dr. Mustafa I. Fadhel

Faculty coordinators of the Club

    Dr. Ayman Abdel Gadir   

     Dr. Laura Strachan

   Mr. Saju Joseph   

Student Coordinators

    Mr. Mohammed Al-Kamali

     Ms. Noof Al-Senani