ANNOUCEMENTS: SUC To host the First International Conference on Innovative Information Systems For Societal Advancement 2016 | Open Vacancies : Quality assurance expert | Academic Calendar 2015 - 2016 | SUC Research Bulletin Volume 6 Number 1
تنوي كلية صور الجامعية طرح برنامج الماجستير باللغة العربية في تخصص الاداره ، المحاسبة ببداية العام 2015/2016.على من يرغب بالتسجيل مراجعة الكلية او الاتصال بالرقم 25565556 لحصر اعداد الراغبين بالدراسة في هذا البرنامج

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SUC is going to host  the 1st International Conference on Innovative Information Systems for Societal Advancement (IISSA 2016)

SUC Hosts The Research And Innovation Exhibition

The First Oratory Club Meeting

SUC Established Online Exams Facility

Bond University Visit to SUC

SUC Conducting Poetry Event

SUC Students participate in environmental public speaking competition

SUC Students Council Election

Sunderland University Representatives visiting SUC

SUC Welcoming The New Students

SUC Attending The MOHE Engineering Meeting 

SUC Students Council Elections

SUC Students Council Meeting

SUC QA Unite Conduct a Welcoming Meeting

Public Authority for Civil defence and Ambulance Conduct A Lecture at SUC

SUC Conduct a training workshop on "Academic Advising Process and procedures"

SUC conducted workshops “Preparing ISAA for Accreditation”

SUC Conducted  the 2nd Workshops Of “Preparing ISAA for Accreditation”

A Delegation from London School Commerce Visited SUC

Oman Charitable Organization Visited SUC

SUC Honoring the superior Students for the academic Year2014/2015

Muzn Islamic Banking Presentation in SUC

SUC Conduct A Lecture for 12th Class Students

Oman In Milan 2015 Convoy Visited SUC

SUC Cultural Week

SUC Participate In Ghedex 2015




SUC Hosts The Research And Innovation Exhibition

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The First Oratory Club Meeting